Recipes with Only
Pure Maple Syrup

Anything but 100% Pure isn't allowed...

An Old New England Tradition

Try hot maple syrup on snow for a sticky sweet treat!

A simple Shortbread Cookie
sweetened with Maple Sugar and
bursting with Maple Flavor.

Whether you use dark chocolate or milk
chocolate these healthy-ish homemade
Peanut Butter Cups are to die for.

A sweet and salty snack mix with a maple twist.
The perfect Fall inspired treat.

Warm, flaky Cinnamon Rolls using pre-made Puff Pastry and frosted with Pure Maple Cream for the easiest, dreamiest Cinnamon Rolls.

Warm, tender, flaky biscuits made with pure maple syrup and crisp bacon for a Sweet and Savory treat that is sure to delight.

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- Ben Fisk