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Honey in the Rough - 16oz

Honey in the Rough - 16oz

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The honey contained in this jar has never been warmer than the temperature naturally occurring in a beehive. It contains all the pollen, enzymes, propolis and mineral existing in raw unprocessed Northeastern Wildflower Honey - Everything but the bees! A delicious treat straight from the hive! You've never had honey like this!

This honey is USA Grade A, certified Kosher for Passover, and is Gluten Free,

Ingredients and Allergens

  • 16 oz of Bee Foraged Raw and Unfiltered honey.
  • Certified Kosher, NON-GMO and Gluten Free.

Additional Information

  • 16 oz glass container
  • The container itself measures 3.25" x 3.25"
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