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12 oz Wildflower Honey Bear Bottle

12 oz Wildflower Honey Bear Bottle

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All natural, raw and unprocessed wildflower honey. A rich honey made from the nectar of over a dozen different trees, flowers, bushes and grasses.

Honey is product of USA, UY and AR. It is certified Kosher.

Color & Taste

The color of raw, unfiltered wildflower honey is darker, in the Light Amber to Amber range. The mixing of nectar and pollen by the bees makes for a robust and complex combination of flavors. It is a great honey for everyday use, like adding to coffee or tea. Also, because of the pollen variety, it is an ideal honey for treating seasonal allergies.

Ingredients and Allergens

  • 100% Pure Wildflower Honey
  • Certified Kosher, NON-GMO and Gluten Free.
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