A brand you can trust!

You can enjoy our Maple Products with a peace of mind because we care about
food safety and exceeding health department standards. When you purchase any of our Pure Maple syrup, pure maple candy and pure maple cream you can feel at ease and know quality is something we don't relax on. 
These items are made in our Temple New Hampshire facility where it is 100% nut free. We are also proud to hold New Hampshire's Quality seal, which means our way of bottling and sealing products meet national standards. This is also where we maintain accurate logs and are able to track any bottle once it leaves our facility. 
We also have a kosher certification on all Maple Syrup, maple candy, maple cream and maple sugar. Our kosher status is Pareve. 
Our products are also gluten free and NON GMO verified.
If you have any questions about ingredients on our other maple/honey products please feel free to give us a call so we can answer your questions!
(603) 924-3111

Certifications & Statements

Nutritional Facts on Pure Maple Products

 Food Allergen Statement 

Kosher Certificate

NON GMO Certificate

Gluten Free Letter