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5 Surprising Uses for Maple Syrup

Before we dive into all the sweet uses for maple syrup, the Ben’s Sugar Shack team would like to thank all of you who came out to celebrate Maple Madness with us in New Hampshire. We enjoyed sharing our passion for maple syrup with all of you and look forward to seeing you again next year!

Now then, when you think of maple syrup, you probably picture a heaping stack of pancakes drizzled in rich syrup and butter, but did you know there are many other ways to use maple syrup? Today, we will spend some time exploring all the wonderful and surprising uses for this delicious and nutritious syrup. Need to re-supply your maple syrup stash? Head over to Ben’s to shop our huge selection of 100% pure maple syrup and all the sweetest treats, jams, sauces, and more!

Five Surprising Uses for Maple Syrup

Sweet and Savory Dips

You can create hundreds of dips using maple syrup. For creamy dips, maple syrup adds the perfect touch of sweetness. From sour cream to yogurt and cream cheese to ricotta cheese, a creamy maple syrup dip is perfect for dipping apple slices, berries, banana chips, and pita chips. If you’re looking for something a little more on the savory side, infuse barbecue sauce with maple syrup or mix soy sauce, maple syrup, lime, and red pepper flakes. These will pair perfectly with chicken fingers.   

Drizzle Over Anything

You can drizzle maple syrup over just about anything and it will taste delicious. From ice cream and fruit to roasted tomatoes and grilled cuts of meat or fish, maple syrup is an all-around perfect ingredient for dripping over an array of foods. Make snack time a lot of fun with maple-drizzled popcorn, peanuts, or oatmeal clusters and mix in dried fruit for added flavor.

Healthy Alternative to Artificial Sweetener

If you want to cut out refined white sugar but still want to put something sweet in your coffee or tea, maple syrup is a delicious alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Along with being delightfully sweet, maple syrup is loaded with antioxidants that can nourish your body, help prevent illnesses, and soothe inflamed tissues throughout the body.

Infuse Your Booze

You know all those fancy spirits that are infused with ingredients like honey and maple syrup? You can make them at home at a fraction of the cost of what you pay to enjoy them at a bar or restaurant. All you need to do is purchase your favorite type of spirit and infuse it with the ooey-gooey sweetness that is maple syrup.

Hair, Skin, and Body Masks

Did you know you can add maple syrup to your health and beauty regimen? As we mentioned, maple syrup is packed full of antioxidants, which are also excellent for maintaining soft, smooth skin and strong, silky hair. Rather than spending a pretty penny on maple syrup-infused face and body care products, you can make your own using a few simple ingredients.

All you need is your favorite oil base (such as coconut, almond, or sesame oil), maple syrup, plain oats, and brown sugar. Mix these together and smooth all over your face and body as an exfoliating mask. For a replenishing hair mask, use the same ingredients minus the oats and sugar. Once you’ve applied the sweet mixture, let it sit for 15-20 minutes while you relax. Then, rinse and enjoy smoother, softer skin from head-to-toe!

Shop Ben’s Maple Syrup

However you choose to use your maple syrup, we suggest using one that is 100% pure, and born and tapped in the heart of New Hampshire. Ben’s Pure Maple Syrup is made from nature with no artificial ingredients. Pure, delicious, rich maple syrup tapped just for you. Visit Ben’s Sugar Shack to order yours today, or stop by and see us when you’re in our neck of the woods.

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