Mouthwatering Maple Syrup Uses

Mouthwatering Maple Syrup Uses

Maple syrup has been falsely stereotyped into a French toast, waffle, and pancake-only role; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Maple syrup has some incredibly diverse (and even more tasty) uses for those that are willing to look beyond the pancake house applications.

The In-No-Way Complete List of Maple Syrup Uses

It can’t be stressed highly enough: Just about anything that uses sugar could instead use a high-quality New Hampshire maple syrup - like the ones you’ll find in Ben’s Sugar Shack - which are notably different from the plastic bottles at the grocery store.

Monkey Bread

If you’re fortunate enough to have a grandmother that makes monkey bread, then you know the wonders of its delicious gooey amazingness - if not, just take our word for it. There are about as many ways to make monkey bread as there are to eat it without ruining your Sunday best; some monkey breads use molasses, others caramelized sugars, but our favorites use New Hampshire maple syrup to add a hint of maple flavor amidst awesome carmel and tang of bread.


We tried to write about specific pies, but it is just too difficult! Not surprisingly, Canadians have already long-since perfected a maple syrup pie, but here in the States you can use maple syrup within your pie filling to create a deep, rich taste that changes the flavor in a way that is similar to cinnamon or nutmeg. Try maple syrup within a homemade pumpkin pie, as a glaze atop your favorite par-baked pie crust, or even cooking off in apples or other fruit before you convert them into a filling. Plus, nothing smells better than the slow baking of maple syrup in your home - yum!


While you may think of maple syrup as a condiment for breakfast foods, it can actually make a defining flavor-booster for your favorite entrées, including many meats. There are countless recipes that can be tweaked to include our New Hampshire maple syrup in place of a sugaring element or other seasonings. Whether you play it safe with maple-candied bacon or go bold with a maple syrup reduction infused with raw mustard and minced garlic for an unforgettable salmon glaze, you’re bound to have some fun at your houseguest’s behalf.


Yes, vegetables!  Brussels sprouts, carrots, and many more can be made absolutely delicious with a short bath or long simmer in a maple syrup-infused mixture. Even non-vegetables like sweet potatoes and, of course, baked beans can be greatly improved upon with the simple infusion of maple for a sweet complexity that counterbalances the salty or acidic foods they accompany.

Try Ben’s Today

If you haven’t had our 100% pure New Hampshire maple syrup yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Our syrups are among the finest anywhere and benefit from the rich, full taste of our home state’s flora. Once you try our world-class, award-winning maple syrup, you’ll never go back to whatever is in your pantry now!

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