3 Wonderful Uses for Maple Candy

3 Wonderful Uses for Maple Candy

Whether you're new to Ben's Sugar Shack or have enjoyed our New Hampshire maple syrup for years already, we bet you'll appreciate these awesome uses for our 100% pure maple candies!

Why You Need Maple Candies

The most obvious reason to pick up some of Ben's maple candies is obvious: To eat them, of course! But, if you're a creative soul, you may be looking for some applications that go beyond the norm (as delicious as it is); today, we'll provide you with a few that go beyond “pop in your mouth and enjoy!”

  1. Holiday Spirit

    Many of our maple syrup candies are made into fun, festive shapes that make for a perfect way to celebrate your favorite holidays. You can give out a pure maple candy in the shape of a jack-o-lantern to trick-or-treaters for a unique handout. Likewise, you can take advantage of our Santa Claus, Thanksgiving turkey, Easter bunny, and even Valentine's Day heart-shaped candies for that special someone - get creative with how and when you hand them out (or eat them yourself)!

  2. Melty Deliciousness

    If you're a coffee or hot chocolate fan, we have a special experience for you! Simply take a small piece of Ben's maple candy and drop it into a freshly brewed, covered glass of hot chocolate or coffee, set it aside for a few minutes - make sure it stays plenty hot! - give it a stir, and enjoy a decadent, cream and maple flavor to your favorite drink. While this may not become an everyday staple, nothing will warm you up and bring you to a state of total relaxation on a chilly night quicker. Plus, you can share this awesome trick with visiting family and friends - yum!

  3. Personalized Gifts

    At your request, we can add a gift message for whomever you decide to give our maple candies to. It may seem odd to give maple candies, but there are plenty of people that can't eat the standard boxes of chocolates found in most stores due to dietary restrictions that can eat our maple candies! Since the only ingredient is 100% pure New Hampshire maple syrup, we have tons of recurring Valentine's Day and wedding anniversary clients that love the fact that we can adorn a lovely, tasty box of our maple candies to make for an even more personal gift.

Get Yours Today!

Our tasty maple candies are just one of many maple products we carry, so be sure to check them all out and think of some creative uses for what you can do with our 100% New Hampshire maple syrup! Whenever you buy our maple products, you can rest assured that what you're getting is of the finest quality available anywhere. Whether it's maple candies for yourself and guests to enjoy together, our world-famous maple syrup, or any of our other maple products, you'll appreciate our dedication to our craft - and love the flavor! Once you try the maple products at Ben's Sugar Shack, you'll never go back to that sub-standard stuff on grocery store shelves again, we promise!

Don't wait, shop our selection of maple products here!

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