Which grade of pure maple syrup will you like best?

Which grade of pure maple syrup will you like best?

Since 2015 the FDA changed the maple syrup grading scale so everyone has to match descriptions! There is no more Grade B maple syrup and there is no more light fancy or dark amber terminology....Canada and the US now have to use the same names and comply with the same density and light transmission guidelines. 

Ben's Sugar Shack offers 4 options for pure maple syrup. It is all Grade A, many assumed the "Grade B" was a lesser quality version but it is actually the most popular and is referred to now as Grade A Dark Color, Robust Taste. If you love the flavor of real maple syrup then this will be the one you want! Good news is this grade is the easiest to find on the store shelf and usually the one producers make the most of during the sugaring season. The Darkest option, Grade A Very Dark is recommended for cooking and flavoring, some like it on their pancakes but this grade can have a very strong and almost burnt or bitter taste depending on the batch. 

A notch down from the Grade A Dark Robust is the Amber Color Rich Taste syrup which has a slightly less maple flavor than the dark and is a good option for someone who isn't in love with a strong maple flavor. This will always be a good option with your pancakes or if you are gifting syrup to someone it is the safest choice. The lightest grade we offer is the Grade A Golden Color Delicate Taste, just like the name the maple flavor taste is the least prominent in this one. It has a soft and buttery flavor profile and is great on vanilla ice cream! 

If you are interested in trying the main 3 grades we offer a New England Sampler Set with 1.7 oz of Golden, Amber and Dark syrup. We recommend trying the Golden Delicate first and then moving right to the Dark Robust just to taste the huge difference in flavor. Follow us on Facebook to learn even more about how we produce different grades and why nature gives us this liquid gold! 

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