Holiday Gifts for the Maple Syrup Lover

Holiday Gifts for the Maple Syrup Lover

Welcome back to our blog! In our recent post, we looked at some of the best ways to incorporate Ben's Pure Maple Syrup into holiday meals and beverages. For those who love maple syrup, there are seemingly endless possibilities for adding this sweet, decadent flavor to a plethora of food and beverages. The best way to do this is to have access to the most flavorful maple products and, in today's post, we would like to offer some of our favorite holiday gift suggestions for the maple syrup lover. Enjoy reading more below.

Maple Coffee and Tea

There's nothing better than enjoying a comforting cup of hot tea or an energizing cup of coffee on crisp winter day—unless said beverages have the delightfully sweet taste and aroma of maple syrup, that is! If your friend or loved one appreciates a good flavored coffee and/or tea, surprise them with maple coffee or maple tea in their stocking! Our maple coffee comes in both regular and decaf, and our maple tea is available in caffeinated black tea and caffeine-free herbal tea. For those loved ones dedicated to their usual coffee brand, give them the gift of Ben's Maple Sugar to add the perfect touch of maple sweetness to any cup of coffee or tea.

Maple Leaf Waffle Maker

Waffles are a classic breakfast favorite but they're even better when they're made into fun shapes. Maybe you have a friend or co-worker who absolutely loves waffles, all things fall, and maple leaves, in which case, our unique waffle maker would be the perfect holiday gift for them. Our waffle maker cooks a perfect, maple leaf shaped waffle each and every time. Just don't forget to get them a small jar of Ben's Pure Maple Syrup which comes in a gorgeous maple leaf glass jar. That way they can slather their crispy waffle in rich pure maple syrup made from the best maple trees in New Hampshire!

Maple Candy & Novelties

Specialty candy always makes for a wonderful stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, or secret Santa present. If your kiddos can't get enough maple syrup on their pancakes, then they will probably love our excellent assortment of maple flavored candy treats. We offer a variety of small maple flavored candies shaped like maple leaves, and even have a candy maple Santa! For other fun and delicious maple novelties, check out our Maple Bacon Pop, Maple Cotton Candy, Maple Lollipop, Maple Taffy, Maple Drops, and finally, Maple Jelly Beans. Phew! That's a lot of sweets to choose from! We're sure you'll find something sweet for everyone.

Shop Ben's Maple Products

We have so many fun holiday gifts to choose from that anyone who adores maple syrup will love. For the best maple products available, shop Ben's Sugar Shack for an impressive selection of maple products perfect for fun holiday gifts, exquisite holiday feasts, and delicious festive beverages. Enter the discount code HOLIDAYS at check out to save 20 percent on retail items, and get free shipping on all orders over $100. From all of us at Ben's Sugar Shack, Happy Holidays!
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