4 Reasons Why Pure Maple Syrup Is The Sweetest Wedding Gift

4 Reasons Why Pure Maple Syrup Is The Sweetest Wedding Gift

Welcome back to the Ben's Sugar Shack blog! With all our talk about planning a maple syrup-themed wedding in a recent blog series, it got us thinking. From sets of dishes to towels and kitchen gadgets, there are a million and one gifts you can get for people who are getting married. The thing is, these wedding gifts are all pretty standard, so why not find unique presents that will really stand out from the rest?

Maple Syrup Makes a Sweet Wedding Gift

Do you have friends or loved ones tying the knot this summer? If you're stuck trying to find the perfect gift, we have some super sweet gift ideas for you to consider. Today, let's look at the reasons why pure maple syrup and maple syrup products make the sweetest wedding gift. Remember, at Ben's Sugar Shack, we always have outstanding deals on our extensive selection of maple syrup which is born and tapped right here in New Hampshire.

Good For Breakfast In Bed

When your loved ones get back from their honeymoon, they will probably be bummed it's over. Why not get them something that will make every Saturday morning seem like they're still on vacation? A maple syrup and buttermilk pancake mix gift box is the perfect gift that they can use a few times over to make breakfast in bed every weekend. This little pack comes complete with everything they need to whip up some delicious pancakes slathered in pure maple syrup without having to make them from scratch.

You Can Create a Personalized Gift

There are a lot more maple syrup products other than just plain 'ol (delicious) maple syrup. You can make a personalized gift basket full of all the best maple syrup novelties. For instance, you can make a truly unique gift basket with maple bacon lollipops, maple cotton candy, maple syrup jelly beans, and other sweet treats. Add in a bottle of pure maple syrup, some ooey gooey wildflower honey, and some maple syrup barbeque sauce for good measure, and you can create a truly memorable wedding gift that will keep on giving.

Maple Syrup Makes A Great Add-On Gift

Gift certificates and purchasing items on gift registries always make wonderful presents for newlyweds. You can also give them maple syrup as a fun add-on gift to accompany their gift card or registry item. That way, you're giving them something unique, like maple syrup coffee or pure maple syrup in a maple leaf-shaped jar. Adding on a gift like this adds a nice personal touch rather than just giving them a gift card.

It's Perfect For Sweet Tooths

Maple syrup wedding gifts are excellent for those sweet tooths in your life. Along with all the different maple syrup sweet treats like maple syrup taffy, maple drops, and melt-in-your-mouth pure maple hard candy, you can get them rich and flavorful maple cream to use in place of butter, or maple sugar to use in place of plain refined white sugar.

Shop Ben's Today

If you want to give your friends and loved ones who are tying the knot this summer a memorable, unique gift, visit Ben's Sugar Shack! We have hundreds of pure maple syrup gifts to choose from and we're sure you'll find the perfect gift with us. Shop Ben's today!

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