4 Maple Syrup Themed Halloween Costumes

4 Maple Syrup Themed Halloween Costumes

Welcome back to Ben's blog! We are thrilled that one of our favorite seasons is finally here! When most people think of fall, red, orange, and yellow maple leaves often come to mind. The rolling hills here in New England are on fire with the radiance of turning maple leaves, which can only mean one thing: Halloween is coming.

At Ben's we're always looking to our most delicious maple syrup to inspire everything from recipes to weddings and, today, we thought we'd extend our love for maple syrup to the spookiest holiday of them all. Why dress up as the usual superheroes and Disney characters when you can draw inspiration from one of the most revered sweets — maple syrup? Let's look at some super fun maple syrup-themed costumes both kids and adults will love. Need some inspiration? Head on over to Ben's Sugar Shack to peruse our huge selection of pure New Hampshire maples syrup products!

  1. Maple Syrup and Buddy the Elf

    If you've seen the 2003 comedy Elf, starring Will Ferrell, you probably remember the scene where he is sitting at the dinner table with his family eating spaghetti. What makes this scene incredibly funny is when he drizzles his own special stash of maple syrup all over his spaghetti. While we've never tried spaghetti and maple syrup ourselves, Buddy's love for maple syrup is the perfect inspiration for a silly couples Halloween costume, where one person dresses up as Buddy the Elf and the other as a jar of maple syrup. It really is a sweet costume idea.

  2. Maple Syrup and a Stack of Pancakes

    This is the perfect costume for young siblings, especially for those of you who like to get crafty. This costume duo is rather simple yet incredibly sweet. Your little munchkins will look adorable dressed up as one of the of the best combinations in the history of breakfast pairings. Parents, you can dress up like eggs and bacon to complete the breakfast plate! For larger families, include a glass of orange juice and some butter!

  3. Maple Syrup Festival Queen

    New England is known for its maple syrup festivals. One of the highlights of all of these festivals is the pageant where young ladies compete for the title for the Maple Syrup Festival Queen. This would be the perfect costume for Halloween and if you want to give it a terrifying twist, transform your beauty queen costume into a zombie beauty queen costume. You can even go back in time by making your costumes set in a specific decade, such as the 60s, 70s, or 80s. This could work for an individual or a group costume!

  4. Captain Canada

    Okay, so we are incredibly proud of our maple syrup born and tapped right here in the U.S.A., but there's no denying how awesome a Captain Canada costume is, especially if you love maple trees and maple syrup. Captain Canada is Canada's version of Marvel's Captain America, but rather than dawning the Stars and Stripes and red, white, and blue, Captain Canada's uniform and shield features a maple leaf and red and white stripes. Give this one a whirl if you want to put a twist on all the usual MCU costumes.

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