4 Maple Syrup Themed Gifts for Dad

4 Maple Syrup Themed Gifts for Dad

Welcome back to our blog! In our recent blog series, we began sharing tips and tricks for planning a maple syrup-themed wedding. But since Father‘s Day will be here before you know it, we thought we‘d take a short break from our blog series to explore some of the top gift ideas for dads who love maple syrup. As the trusted provider of all things maple syrup, we at Ben‘s Sugar Shack love sharing our sweet gift ideas with our readers in New Hampshire, the U.S., and throughout the globe. Here are our top five favorite gifts for dad.

Maple Syrup Bottled in Collectible Bottles

For those dads out there who enjoy delighting in pure maple syrup harvested and bottled in New Hampshire, you can‘t go wrong with getting him one of our various maple syrup selections bottled in a decorative glass container. While the pure maple syrup held in these bottles will satisfy any sweet tooth, our bottles feature decorative shapes and gorgeous artwork on the labels, available in the traditional jug style, maple leaves, basque glass bottles, and marasca bottles. Choose from three grades of maple syrup!

Pure Maple Cream

Talk about a versatile treat. Ben‘s Pure Maple Cream is a sweet and delicious alternative to butter, frosting, or sweet filling in a variety of pastries and baked goods. While this creamy spread makes a great topping for waffles, pancakes, and other breakfast treats, it can also be mixed in with Dijon mustard, honey, and other ingredients to create a decadent glaze for chicken and pork dishes.

Maple Sugar and Seasoning

Who says the delicious flavor of maple syrup only comes in a gooey, drizzly form? Not us! Ben‘s Maple Sugar will allow you dad to sprinkle the delightful flavor of maple syrup on just about anything. If he eats his healthy oat bran, oatmeal, or yogurt with fruit every morning, he can sprinkle a dash of maple sugar on top for a flavor boost. Ben‘s Maple Sugar can be used in place of regular sugar when cooking or added to a hot cup of joe or herbal tea. Ben‘s Maple Sugar and Italian Pepper Seasoning offers a unique flavor that pairs sweet and savory and can be used as a dry rub for meat, or sprinkled into sauces.

A Winning Combination

If your dad is a fan of pancakes and syrup, give him the gift of a delicious breakfast he can enjoy again and again without having to go to a busy restaurant. Ben‘s Maple Syrup and Buttermilk Pancake Mix Gift Sets make the perfect all-in-one gift for Father‘s Day. You can also get blueberry and buttermilk pancake mix sold separately as an add-on gift to any of our maple syrups, honeys, and sauces.

Shop With Ben‘s Today!

These are just a few of the sweet gifts for dad that we recommend. Some of our most popular maple syrup products include maple syrup candy, maple coffee (regular and decaf), and our original maple barbecue sauce. At Ben‘s we have something for every dad! Visit Ben‘s Sugar Shack today to peruse our extensive selection of real maple syrup products that will make a perfectly sweet gift for your dad!
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