3 Ways to Celebrate Maple Syrup Month, Pt. 2

3 Ways to Celebrate Maple Syrup Month, Pt. 2

Welcome back to the Ben's Sugar Shack blog! Last month, we began celebrating our favorite time of year — Maple Syrup month! In part one of this blog series, we started looking at ways you can participate in the celebration, whether you live here in New Hampshire, are vacationing in New England, or want to observe the sweetest month from the comfort of your own home. Let's continue looking at a few more ways to honor the sweetest, tastiest, sugary sweet of them all! Remember, if you want to get your hands on the very best pure maple syrup and maple syrup products around, be sure to shop Ben's Sugar Shack!

  1. Have a Maple-Syrup Themed Wedding

    Do you and your honey share a love for maple syrup? If you two lovebirds have been planning a wedding but simply can't wait any longer, why not get married during Maple Syrup month? Ben's makes it easy to host a maple syrup-themed wedding with our maple syrup wedding favors! Okay, maybe this might be a bit of a rush, but you can always plan a maple syrup-themed wedding during Maple Madness, which is half as awesome! We can custom print your hangtags and apply them to tiny, adorable maple leaf-shaped jars filled with golden maple syrup that you can give to your guests as party favors. Check out our upcoming blog that will guide you in planning the perfect maple-themed wedding!

  2. Plan a Maple-Themed Office Party

    Who doesn't love maple syrup? When you really think about it, how many times have you smelled maple syrup oatmeal or waffles toasting in the breakroom at work? Our guess is — a lot! Organize a maple syrup-themed office party where all of your employees and coworkers have to bring their favorite maple syrup treats. Wow everyone with an assortment of Maple Bacon Pops, Maple Cotton Candy, and Maple Jelly Beans. After they taste these delicious treats, you'll be everyone's favorite boss or coworker!

  3. Make a Maple-Flavored Concoction

    Everyone loves to merrymake every now and again, especially during Maple Madness. If you've thought about making a maple-infused adult beverage, now is the perfect time! Maple syrup pairs especially well with whiskey and vodka. Here's how to infuse liquor with maple syrup:

    • Buy an inexpensive bottle of whiskey or vodka (or both).
    • Add a heaping amount of Ben's Maple Syrup to a half-gallon wide-mouth mason jar (preferably one with an airtight lid).
    • Add in a few cinnamon sticks or slices of cooked bacon for added flavor.
    • Next, pour your booze of choice over your ingredients to begin the infusion.
    • Store on your countertop or on a shelf for three days to a week
    • Once it has infused, sip it, pour it over ice, or make a maple syrup-infused drink concoction for you and your friends.

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No matter how you plan to celebrate Maple Syrup month, just have fun with it! Keep in mind that just because Maple Madness officially ends in mid-April, that doesn't mean it ends in your heart. You can celebrate your love for pure maple syrup all year long! Shop Ben's Sugar Shack to stock your pantry and fridge with all the best, most delicious pure maple syrup products! Happy Maple Syrup month, and thanks for reading!
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