Maple Cream
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There are so many ways you can use Maple Cream!


  • Used as a spread in place of butter on toast
  • Use in place of peanut butter in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Spread it over waffles or pancakes
  • In your coffee for a maple flavored sweetener
  • As a frosting on cakes, eclairs or cream puffs.
  • Simply add some cinnamon to create íÍmaple cinnamon butteríñ great for on scones, crepes, waffles or pancakes.
  • You can even mix it with Dijon mustard and use it to coat a pork roast or chicken.
  • Use it as a glaze on ham for a decadent meal
  • You can even bake with it (Swirl in brownie batter before popping in oven)
  • Use it in your oatmeal
  • The options are limitless!!!!

One you try our Maple Cream you will never want to put it down!!!

Ingredients and Allergens

100% Pure Maple Syrup, nothing else is added

Kosher Certified, Gluten Free, NON-GMO, Produced in a NUT FREE facility and there is no high fructose corn syrup used.

Additional Information

16 oz (1 Pound) 453.6 g 

In a plastic tub with a quality seal. 

We recommend refrigerating once purchased ...

(Maple cream will expand and separate like peanut butter, storing in the fridge even before opening will help slow this natural process)  

Maple Cream will crystallize or become gritty, simply stir before use. 

If you are frosting or needing a less thick consistency try heating it up (10 seconds in Microwave) or adding pure maple syrup to it to make it thinner. 

Approx. 2.75" tall and 3.5" wide