We are closed for tours for the season due to Covid-19. We are still open every day at our gift shop in Temple NH. 

We hope everyone stays safe out there and we will see you next year!

Come see us every weekend! Until Easter! No need for an appointment, we start our tours every 15 minutes out front of our Sugar Shack! Our tour guide joe will direct groups over to our buckets and talk about the traditional way of gathering sap! Then you will take a 1 minute walk across the street to then learn the modern way of collecting with the plastic lines! You might even get to see the sap running through our system and lines if its warm out! We look for about 35 to 45 degrees during the day for the sap to run! After that Joe will hand the group off to Ben who will be boiling the sap on his 5x14 evaporator! Ben will take a few minutes to show you the boiling process and how much work truly goes into making just 1 gallon of syrup! After that we have a big tent outside with lots of samples to try and things to buy! Also our gift shop will be open with pure maple syrup, maple confectioneries, local soaps, candles, t-shirts, honey, and much more! Come see us! There is an outdoor porter potty (not handicapped accessible) and we are handicapped accessible during the tours and into the tent. Dogs welcomed on a leash! Great for families! Come learn and eat!

If you have any questions please call 603.924.3111 and follow us on Facebook for more updates and pictures!