New Hampshire Half Gallon VERY DARK Maple Syrup
$ 39.99


100% pure maple syrup in a 64 oz (Half-Gallon) plastic jug. This is a popular bottle, easy shipping and storing. 

Our 100% Pure Maple Syrup is award winning and the best tasting! 


Offered in: (Depending on season/crop) 

Grade A VERY Dark – Robust Taste 

This syrup will have the most robust maple flavor when compared to the Golden Delicate 

or Amber Rich taste or Dark Robust Grade. This is the best for cooking and using as an ingredient.


Ingredients and Allergens

  • 100% Pure Maple Syrup
  • We are certified Kosher, NON GMO and Gluten Free. 
  • All of our pure Maple Products are produced in a Nut free facility and we are proud to say we hold the NH Seal of Quality on our products. 


Additional Information

64 FL OZ (1/2 Gallon) 1.89 L Plastic Bottle.

Approx. 8.5" tall and 5" wide on round base. 

PRODUCT OF New Hampshire, USA